Congress is punting on the government shutdown deadline

Angelo Anderson
December 8, 2017

They say "we had a productive conversation on a wide variety of issues".

KAMALA HARRIS: I'm not sure what to think about where this administration stands, but I know that we as a country and as leaders in this country, and particularly in the United States Congress, need to stand with these DREAMers and give them the protections they deserve.

House Republicans managed to pass the legislation mostly along party lines in the 235-193 vote, despite often coming short of securing a majority of the majority on measures to keep the government open in recent years.

There is a growing recognition on Capitol Hill that including immigration provisions to protect DACA recipients in the year-end spending bill could be a deal breaker for Republicans even as some Democrats in the House have threatened to vote against a spending package that doesn't include it.

President Donald Trump's meeting with congressional leaders has relocated from the Oval Office to the White House Situation Room for a briefing on military readiness. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis joined the group to discuss military matters.

Walker said Ryan also committed to seek to include disaster relief spending in the December 22 spending bill, as well as an effort to cut $190 billion in entitlement spending over 10 years through "some kind of work requirement for capable-bodied adults with no dependents". That would give Trump and the congressional leaders more time to set spending levels for the remainder of the current fiscal year that extends through next September.

At the meeting last Tuesday, where two chairs were conspicuously empty, Trump ripped the pair as "all talk and they've been no action" and blasted them as "weak" on crime and immigration".

A joint statement from the Democratic leaders in the House and Senate - Nancy Pelosi of California and and Chuck Schumer of NY - said it was a "productive conversation on a wide variety of issues".

President Donald Trump just can't quit House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The Wisconsin Republican says, "I feel good where we are".

The U.S. armed forces keep working, but service members aren't paid until the government reopens.

When shutdowns occur, hundreds of thousands of government workers are furloughed, although some who are deemed essential to public safety - like air traffic controllers and luggage screeners at airports - stay on the job.

The Freedom Caucus on Monday initially withheld votes on a motion to go to conference with the Senate on the two chambers' tax-reform bills to gain leverage over GOP leaders on the spending strategy.

The drama over whether the House will pass legislation preventing a weekend partial government shutdown is essentially over.

Republican House conservatives and defense hawks are pushing for a separate bill to address defense spending because it would allow them to circumvent having to make a deal with Democrats on raising spending caps.

Their lack of commitment stands in stark opposition to the five progressive senators who have vowed to oppose any spending legislation - even a short-term bill like the one now on the table - no protection for Dreamers is included.

The White House said negotiations would resume on Friday.

Democratic votes for any budget measure will be crucial in the Senate, where Republicans by themselves lack the 60 votes needed to approve the legislation.

Many on both sides have decided a headline-grabbing federal closure would be a political blunder, at least for now.

The government runs out of money at midnight Friday.

The two-week spending measure is aimed at giving both parties' bargainers more time to reach longer-term budget decisions.

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