Fallen Kingdom trailer tease has a cute baby raptor

Angelo Anderson
December 8, 2017

Facebook/Jurassic WorldOfficial promo poster for "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom".

Jurassic Park fans are getting the very first Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom later tonight and to prep everyone up for the new preview, Universal has made a decision to roll out a brand new teaser for the Jurassic World sequel. You can check out the first 15 seconds of the Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeff Goldblum starrer below.

Over the last few weeks, Universal Pictures has been dropping a stream of brief teasers for the "Jurassic World" sequel, the most recent of which showing a volcanic eruption and a T-Rex in a wreck.

Passers-by were wowed by the famous image on the historic London building as excitement for the first trailer grows following the release of a tease earlier this week. Of course, it's a Jurassic Park movie and that's why they can't have nice things.

After being able to accomplish their mission, Howard, Pratt and King find out that the shadow is not a dinosaur's but a cat named Michael, who is simply wearing a dinosaur costume. Set several years after Jurassic World, the film has Owen returning to help his ex-girlfriend Claire save the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar after an exploding volcano threatens to destroy the island.

The trailer will be released in the early hours of tomorrow morning (Friday 8th December) at 02.00hrs and the film will be in United Kingdom cinemas on 7th June 2018.

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