Hold The Phones, Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek Will Be Rated R!

Lester Mason
December 8, 2017

A new update from Deadline today has confirmed that Paramount is moving forward with Tarantino's pitch, and it will be Rated-R.

That rating was crucially important to Tarantino, who hopes to direct this Star Trek and who has helmed R rated films his entire career.

According to a new Deadline Hollywood report, the Hateful Eight and Pulp Fiction filmmaker's proposed Star Trek movie is meant to be rated R, which would mark a first for the Paramount Pictures franchise and a rarity in the realm of big-budget tentpole movies. According to Deadline, Tarantino met for hours in a room with writers Mark L. Smith, Drew Pearce, and Lindsey Beer.

What do you think about there being an R-rated Star Trek?

So, where did Tarantino's potential Star Trek gig come from? Smith, who wrote The Revenant, is reportedly the frontrunner. If the reports are correct, then Tarantino is requiring his Star Trek project be R-rated, and Paramount agreed to the condition. The writers room's other contenders have plenty of work backing up their resumes. Pearce's script credits include Iron Man 3, Sherlock Holmes 3, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and the TV series Runaway TV; he just directed his script Hotel Artemis; Beer's credits are mostly upcoming, and include the Doug Liman-directed Chaos Walking, as well as Godzilla Vs. Kong, Masters of the Universe, Barbarella and Dungeons and Dragons, all big scale stuff.

Deadline says one of the three writers will be locked in quickly. His 1969-set Manson Murders drama that he's shooting next summer is #9, which would make Star Trek #10 if he indeed makes it. Back in September, the director was a guest on the Nerdist podcast, where he discussed his love for certain Star Trek episodes, like Harlan Ellison's "City on the Edge of Forever", which saw the crew of the Enterprise flung back in time after a medical accident sends Doctor Leonard McCoy fleeing from the ship.

"I think one of the best episodes of Star Trek ever written was for [Star Trek: The Next Generation]", Tarantino said "Yesterday's Enterprise", where an Enterprise ship from the past breaks through a time rift and alters the course of history.

Things continue to turn in an unpredictable way over there at Paramount. The characters don't know it, but we know it.

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