Late-night hosts poke fun at Trump's slurred speech

Lester Mason
December 8, 2017

Late night hosts mostly fell into the Trump-Wears-Dentures camp, though MSNBC's Morning Joe, for instance, argued hard that Trump suffers from a mentally impairment.

"As disturbing as it was to watch Donald Trump add fuel to the Middle East conflict, it was even more disturbing to watch the conflict between Donald Trump's teeth and his tongue", Noah said. He said it's okay for everyone else to use dentures, but not Trump. "There's no shame in having dentures", began Noah.

"Yo, did President Trump just "Adele Dazeem" the United States?"

"It sounds like he just had a drink with Bill Cosby". After making fun of Trump (with a pretty accurate impression, I might add), Noah asked aloud whether The Daily Show had gone too far.

But, in truth, "we all know what's going on here; President Trump is wearing dentures, people", Noah insisted, explaining he's something of an expert on the subject. "I'm not ridiculing", Cooper said, "I'm giving you quotes of exactly what your candidate has said, you're the spokesperson, and you. seem either not to know what his positions are or unwilling to actually tell me what his positions are".

Noah then egged his fans on to cyber-bully the president of the United States. "Yeah. This is what's going on", Noah said. "Can you imagine how he would feel if people started tweeting Denture Donald?"

The obsession with President Donald Trump's teeth continued Thursday, a day after the commander in chief slurred during the speech in which he declared the USA would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. "His dentures would start falling out, and then he wouldn't be able to finish his shentensh".

Trump is extremely prone to insulting people with regularity, very often for their looks or for any perceived flaw.

Definitely don't tweet about #DentureDonald today. Think about it. Fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan. But in harping on this one tiny point, Noah might've hit Trump where it really hurts: right in the vanity.

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