Nithari Rapist Cannibals, Pandher & Koli Sentenced To Death

Lester Mason
December 8, 2017

Businessman Moninder Singh Pandher and Surinder Koli, the main accused in the Nithari killing, were sentenced to death by CBI Special Court in the ninth out of 19 cases against them on Friday.

Sentenced to death today for rape, murder of maid Anjali.

The CBI court had earlier given a similar death verdict for Pandher and Koli while considering the eighth case in July.

His aide, Surinder, has also been also awarded death sentence in the eight cases he has been guilty in.

Both are to be taken in judicial custody, he added. Her missing reported was lodged in the concerned police station.

Earlier in July, the special court had given death sentence to both Pandher and Koli in one of the cases of the sensational Nithari killings of Pinki Sarkar (20).

When Surender Koli was arrested on December 29, 2006 for the first time he made police to recover some skulls from rear portion of Pandher's house where he worked as a domestic help.

Chargesheets were filed against the two accused in 16 of the 19 cases, out of which nine cases have been decided till date. One of skulls recovered from the site matched with the DNA of her mother and brother during test. This was the strongest evidence in the case to prove him guilty, said prosecution lawyer J.P. Sharm. The cloths were also identified by the family members of the victim which made to court to held them guilty further added the lawyer.

In a few cases, Koli had eaten human flesh as well, according to the CBI charge sheet.

The Nithari serial murder case had sent shock waves through the country as investigation brought out gory details of how the victims, mostly children, were raped, killed, and then buried or ditched in the backyard in pieces.

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