NVIDIA announces TITAN V: 12GB HBM2, priced at $2999

Doris Richards
December 8, 2017

In April of this year, NVIDIA ratcheted up the performance a tad with a fully unlocked Pascal GP102 core in the form of TITAN Xp, boasting a full 12 TFLOPs of compute power.

Nvidia launched a new desktop GPU today that's created to bring massive amounts of power to people who are working on machine learning applications. This comes courtesy of a major redesign of the streaming multiprocessor at the center of the GPU, which should deliver a boost in performance within the same power envelope of its predecessor, the Titan Xp.

That said, a liberal definition of the word "consumer" is in order here - the Titan V sells for $2,999 and is focused around AI and scientific simulation processing. With 21.1 billion transistors and new Tensor Cores specifically designed for deep learning delivering 110 teraflops, the GPU is created to tackle the toughest computation processing for scientific simulations.

That aside, when it comes to specifications, the Nvidia Titan V is equipped with the Volta-based GV100 GPU (12nm), which is even further enhanced with 12GB of HBM2 memory (first ever Titan graphics card to have this memory controller).

While it's possible to pay for time on Nvidia Volta-backed systems running in the cloud through Amazon Web Services (and it seems all but certain that other providers will follow in the coming months), researchers who want the convenience of running those workloads on a local machine could use the Titan V. "I can't wait to see their breakthrough discoveries". The new TITAN V is based on the NVIDIA Volta architecture, and with that shift comes a huge leap in compute performance with certain workloads. "With TITAN V and NGC, Deep Cognition's Deep Learning Studio has built a powerful desktop solution for AI development, iteration and training".

The Titan V is available today and is limited to two per customer.

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