Net neutrality repeal - what could it mean?

Lloyd Doyle
December 11, 2017

No big surprise, but net neutrality activists confirm they plant to protest in person (they say in several hundred persons) December 14 outside FCC headquarters, the site of the planned vote to eliminate most net neutrality regulations.

Many vocal citizens have organized protests to be held all over the USA supporting internet regulation.

SUNY Oswego professor Jason Zenor, who teaches media law, has a simple analogy for what the web could look like without net neutrality. If this successfully occurs, internet providers will be able to charge consumers for visiting certain sites, and those who pay more will have paid prioritization.

In a letter to the top congressional Republicans and Democrats overseeing the agency, the group argued that the plan to deregulate internet service providers threatens the openness of the internet.

"Comcast, which is a main internet provider, may slow down service for CBS All Access or they may slow down Netflix because they have NBCUniversal, and would prefer that you watch that", Zenor adds.

Instead of worrying about the fake problem of net neutrality, Pai says he wants to continue improving the internet for all consumers, encouraging companies to invest in infrastructure development and solving real problems.

The movement to preserve the nature of the internet as we know it comes to Kentucky over the next few days, as protesters in seven cities will join in a nationwide series of events aimed at protecting net neutrality.

Federal regulators are on track to loosen regulations of cable and telecom companies. "I think that's why people are so passionate about it".

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