Destiny 2 - How to Get Masterwork Cores

Doris Richards
December 13, 2017

When you get multikills with one of these weapons, your fallen enemies will generate Orbs of Light.

Masterwork Cores are also used to turn a standard Legendary into a Masterworks version.

Destiny 2 players will need to designate the weapon as either a Vanguard weapon (whose Masterworks perks are active in PvE) or a Crucible weapon (perks work in PvP), but there is the ability to change that designation with the use of Masterwork Cores and Legendary Shards. Below we've put together all the info you need on Masterwork Cores in Destiny 2. They present a new tier of weapons for players to chase, a sub tier to existing Legendary weapons.

Unlike the clear distinctions between a Legendary and an Exotic, Masterworks instead add subtle but significant tweaks to the existing framework of the Legendary weapons that they're based upon. Faction vendors now have individual pieces of Legendary gear for sale that can be purchased with Legendary shards and Faction tokens, and Zavala, Shaxx, and Tess Everis also now sell Fireteam Gift consumables that provide rewards at the end of specific activities.

Re-rolling perks on a Masterworks weapon costs three Masterwork Cores and 25 Legendary Shards. Legendary drops will occasionally be Masterworks, basically, and they can come from any source you'd usually get Legendaries from. To make your own Masterwork Weapons though, you'll need Masterwork Cores.

Speaking of which, the modifiable stat bonuses are the foundation for experimenting with and discovering powerful new combos between a weapon's handling and the kind of perks that it could benefit from. Once you've gotten past that you'll get the opportunity to start collecting Masterwork weapons. Once you have one, make sure it's a weapon you don't want and then dismantle it. Legendary Engrams you find doing raids or Trials of the Nine will be more likely to be Masterworks than those you find while doing Public Events. Masterwork Cores are obtained by dismantling a Masterworks weapon but how many a player gets is random.

As of right now, there are two ways to get Masterworks.

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