Google's YouTube VR comes to Steam - sort of

Doris Richards
December 16, 2017

If you own a Google Daydream, then chances are you've been enjoying YouTube in virtual reality for over a year now.

The YouTube VR app is exactly what you'd expect it to be: a version of YouTube designed for browsing the service using a VR headset rather than a phone or laptop.

The app is only in Early Access right now - and will stay there throughout 2018 - but it's pretty much the full experience.

Google has released its YouTube VR app, previously available on Daydream, on SteamVR.

On the bright side, while the application is specifically built for the HTC Vive, some Oculus users are reporting that they could get it to work. Windows 10 is also a necessity for YouTube VR, as too the aforementioned HTC Vive - although, as mentioned above, new headsets are to be added going forward. Assuming you have a VR headset to use with it, you can download it here.

We really like the YouTube VR concept here at and, despite this Steam VR app now sitting in Early Access, with all the typical bugs and teething problems which inevitably ensue, we think it's still one of the best uses of VR tech to date. Reviews are mixed, and that's because the app apparently keeps crashing. Others say it offers low-quality video, that there are stereoscopic videos that won't play, and that it is buggy when used with the Vive controllers.

For now, YouTube VR on Steam looks like a great app that's yet to happen.

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