Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Recap 12/13/17: Season 35 Episode 13

Lloyd Doyle
December 16, 2017

Next week is the Season Finale. That could get Mike the million and the title of Sole Survivor™. Could you tell me how he found that without anyone at camp noticing? What did you miss this week?

Lauren was voted out last week and it was a big shocker for everyone! No one had any idea that he had an Idol in his pocket and they all wrote down his name. Even if Chrissy wanted everyone to agree on Ben as the next target, you need to have a plan B and plan C as a backup. Lamb, chicken, lobster, chocolate mouse and a night of bed rest on a private island were offered as the reward. This private island had a luxurious pool among the lovely ocean and all you can eat and drink! They are to be divided into pairs, that will be attached to a rope, woven through a series of obstacles.

While Ashley was planning on staying faithful to Devon on her path to the final three, he was busy forming a new alliance with Chrissy and Ryan, who had spent the week convincing Devon that he would be better off without his most consistent partner. Once they've untangled themselves, they then have to toss five rings onto pegs. Once the obstacles were completed together, the two had to throw a set of rings onto posts. Together, they followed an obstacle course at the end of which Chrissy and Devon won, and chose to bring Ryan along for their feast reward.

Were you confident Ben would have gone home if he didn't play the idol?

Over on Fantasy Island, Crissy says she wouldn't mind having Devon and Ryan in the final three.

Ben and Ashley manage to get four ringers, but it's Devon and Crissy who win. Ashley says she understood the strategy behind not taking her.

Immunity is back up for grabs!

Watch Fan Forum: Survivor on People TV here, or download the free app on your Smart TV, mobile and web devices. They had to climb, toss, and climb again to get the end, where they then had to solve a tough cog puzzle. Once the hard cog puzzle was solved correctly, it would spin to raise the Immunity Flag. On tonight's Survivor season, 35 episode 13 called "Not Going to Roll Over and Die", as per the CBS synopsis, "The castaways battle to win individual immunity and earn a spot in the final five". Still there's enough mistrust directed towards Ryan that he could suddenly and quickly end up on the chopping block if the biggest threats of Ben and Chrissy somehow become non-options.

But, did he find the idol?

Throughout the episode, Ben has been looking everywhere for a possible Hidden Immunity Idol. Reruns of Welcome Back Kotter, televised competitions where Ralph Malph from Happy Days would be trying to out-kayak Tootie from Facts of Life in a swimming pool on Battle of the Network Stars, and even some hysterically bad TV movie called Dream House where John Schneider from Dukes of Hazzard played a country boy who built a home on the mean streets of NY and had to endure lots of city slickers and street toughs who wanted no part of his good ol' boy routine. But even that scenario is completely predicated on a jury not wanting to award the person remaining who clearly played the best game (Chrissy).

And once they all arrived at the tribal council, Ben revealed that he had successfully uncovered the idol. Devon was very open that everyone was planning to vote for Ben before he slammed the idol down on the table. Ben feels he can use their emotions to his advantage but knows he has a lot of work to do to keep his butt in the game. However, she was nowhere near as bad as the members of the Solewa tribe were at babysitting Ben. However, as Devon so rightly pointed out, feeling safe in Survivor is a death knell.

The crux of the votes fell to Ashley, as she was voted out 5-1 over Mike in a clear blindside to her. Another point of drama came courtesy of Chrissy, who was seriously considering voting against Ashley to split up her and Devon.

And you would think they would know better! But Chrissy is still around and I'm pretty sure she's not the main target at the first tribal of the upcoming episode. After Lauren was voted out, I realized that Devin's game may be the most deserving to win, but... can we just acknowledge Ben!? "Secrets, secrets, secrets", he chants, and makes the sound of a big explosion, which really irritates Crissy and Devon.

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