Michael Jackson's Estate Shuts Down Wade Robson's Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Angelo Anderson
December 21, 2017

Celebrity choreographer Wade Robson originally filed the lawsuit in 2013, after claiming that Jackson sexually abused him over a seven-year period before he hit puberty.

Jackson was the sole shareholder of the two corporations prior to dying in 2009, meaning neither of the defendants were liable for Mr. Robson's exposure to the singer, the judge ruled Tuesday.

"Without control over Michael Jackson, the corporate defendants can not impose reasonable safeguards or take reasonable steps to avoid acts of unlawful sexual conduct in the future by Michael Jackson", Beckloff said during the dismissal.

Despite the final ruling of Judge Beckloff, it is important to note that in his ruling, he did not address the credibility of Robson's case against Jackson himself.

Robson's attorney, Vince Finaldi, said he strongly disagrees and plans to appeal. Robson said he first met Jackson when he was 5 years old and the now-choreographer won a Jackson-related contest in Australia; the abuse began two years later when Robson's family was invited to Neverland Ranch. Additionally, the judge also pointed out that Jackson also owns Neverland Ranch, which is where most of the sexual abuse claims seem to point to.

Robson, 35, alleged that Jackson molested him between 1990-97, though he testified in the singer's 2005 child molestation trial - which involved another boy and ended with Jackson's acquittal - that the entertainer did not abuse him.

Attorney for the Michael Jackson estate, Howard Weitzman, praised the judge's decision in a statement that he "believes the court made the correct decision in dismissing Wade Robson's claims against it". "I have never forgotten one moment of what Michael did to me, but I was psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse".

Jackson was arraigned in 2004 on multiple counts of molestation but was ultimately acquitted. However, in 2013, Robson changed his tune and made a decision to sue MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, by accusing Jackson of seven years of sexual abuse.

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