First Trailer for 'Chappaquiddick' Depicts a Kennedy Family Cover-Up

Angelo Anderson
December 22, 2017

Almost five decades ago, on July 18, 1969, a vehicle went off the Dike Bridge on the island of Chappaquiddick. Campaign worker Mary Jo Kopechne was in the vehicle Kennedy was driving and died after it went off a bridge and into the water. Through true accounts, documented in the inquest from the investigation in 1969, director John Curran (Tracks, The Painted Veil) and writers Andrew Logan and Taylor Allen, intimately expose the broad reach of political power, the influence of America's most celebrated family; and the vulnerability of Ted Kennedy, the youngest son, in the shadow of his family legacy. Ted Kennedy in the first trailer for Chappaquiddick, the drama about the infamous 1969 auto accident on Chappaquiddick Island released by Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures Wednesday. Kennedy took an unexpected turn onto an unpaved road, missed an entrance to a wooden bridge and drove into poucha Pond. It follows the infamous 1969 event in which a vehicle went off a MA bridge, leading to the death of his campaign strategist Mary Jo Kopechne, and a cover-up ensued. In a televised statement, the married Kennedy denied having an improper relationship with Kopechne and continued his political career after an outpouring of support from his constituents.

Kennedy's presidential aspirations were not over, however, as he made the unusual decision to primary incumbent Democratic president Jimmy Carter before the 1980 election.

Kennedy did, however, remain in the Senate until his death in 2009.

Opponents of Kennedy wielded Kopechne's death at Chappaquiddick as a cudgel against him for the entirety of his career afterward.

Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures just released a new teaser trailer and poster for the dramatic film, Chappaquiddick.

"Chappaquiddick", which arrives in theaters April 6, premiered at the Toronto International Film festival and received mixed reviews.

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