Apple: App Store customers spent $890M Christmas week

Lloyd Doyle
January 7, 2018

Users spent almost $60 billion on apps in 2017-up roughly 35% from 2016.

Mistry said users need to use a trustworthy app store like Google Play or Apple's App Store.

Thanks to security researchers at Trend Micro who reported the set of malicious apps to Google, all these apps no longer exist on the Play Store but it is possible that there could be similar apps lurking around on official app stores because of the way their creators are masking their activities.

Apple also touted App Store developers earned $26.5 billion in 2017, a 30-percent increase over 2016, according to Schiller. But Apple didn't offer a breakdown as to how the revenue was generated or where.

The steady growth in App Store revenue is great news for Apple, which increasingly relies on digital and service sales. iPhone sales plateaued for a time in early 2016, presaging market saturation for the devices that have made Apple a goliath.

The biggest issue with fake security apps isn't so much the damage they can do to one individual though, but rather the knock-on effect that they cause as word gets out and large numbers of home users decide en masse that no protection is better than the malicious type.

First-time installs of apps rose about 13.5% in 2017, growing to more than 91.5 billion installs.

While multiple studies have found that a majority of US consumers today download zero apps per month on average, this growth rate points to the fact that there's a lot of potential for new downloads in these emerging markets.

But researchers at Check Point have discovered more than 22 different flashlight and utility apps harboring adware called, appropriately, "LightsOut".

In a screenshot from the game "Honey Quest", a notification that asked the user for permission for the app to use their device's microphone can be seen.

The data insights firm Sensor Tower claims that worldwide mobile app revenue, including both Android and iPhone apps, totaled $58.6 billion in 2017. Game downloads were more popular on Google Play, which accounted for 27.2 billion (77%) of the estimated 35.5 billion downloads.

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