Has Ridley Scott Already Begun Plotting Blade Runner 3?

Angelo Anderson
January 9, 2018

Androids dream of electric sheep, and Ridley Scott dreams of sequels. It starred Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, and was directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Perhaps he wants a do-over after Blade Runner 2049 failed to win over audiences with its thrilling, cerebral story, or perhaps Scott just can't stay away from the franchises he created.

All of this has thrown the question of a third Blade Runner movie into tumult, but there's one person who is already prepared for the third movie, namely Ridley Scott. He had one of the funniest quotes of 2017 when he called himself "too dangerous" for a Star Wars movie. While the film didn't reach blockbuster status, falling $20 million short of its expected earnings, Scott assures that he has "another story. another one ready to evolve and be developed".

Could Blade Runner 2049 invite a sequel? For those that have seen 2049, beware of spoilers below. With Deckard still alive and well and now in contact with his child, we can potentially assume that Deckard may help lead a revolution with other replicants to free them from their torment. There's a lot to play with after 2049, even going beyond LA and moving into the trashed San Diego which is home to dozens, if not hundreds of human orphans used for what is seemingly slavery. To be fair, Scott's return to the Alien franchise has yielded at least one very good movie, Alien: Covenant.

Despite the poor box office returns, the latest in the Blade Runner series is well-worth a watch for sci-fi fans.

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