Sinn Féin politician's joke about Kingsmill massacre goes global

Annette Crawford
January 9, 2018

Barry McElduff posted a video on social media featuring a loaf which shares a name with the south Armagh village where gunmen shot dead 10 Protestant textile workers during the Troubles in 1976.

"It was like a punch to the stomach, it was so callous", Mr Black told the BBC.

"A three month suspension on full pay, is that a punishment?"

He added that Sinn Fein wished to express "deep and honest regret".

It is very obvious when push comes to shove that Sinn Fein will revert to type in promoting a narrow sectarian agenda.

She said that she did not defend his actions but she knew Mr McElduff was not a malicious person and she did not believe he set out to deliberately hurt anyone.

Newry, Mourne and Down Ulster Unionist councillor David Taylor said Mr McElduff should be ashamed of himself. Barry McElduff has already made an unreserved apology and that was the correct thing to do in these circumstances. "Any talk of equality or human rights from that party is once again exposed as so much cant and hypocrisy".

SDLP leader Column Eastwood described the move as "weak leadership", adding: "Sinn Fein has been desperately firefighting a PR storm - it hasn't been about enforcing proper discipline".

"That is the stark but simple choice that faces Sinn Fein today".

Barry McElduff has now deleted the tweet, which was posted shortly after midnight on 5 January.

She added, "To the Kingsmill families I recognize the hurt this has caused and I wholeheartedly apologize for any distress".

"The reality is huge offence has been caused and I and Sinn Fein strongly disapprove of what has happened".

"If anything valuable is to be salvaged from the last few days, we now need to reflect collectively on how we will address our past and those most directly affected by it with integrity and compassion, and find a way to co-exist which ensures there will be no repeat either of this behaviour or of that which led to the creation of victims in the first place".

Sinn Fein's response to this matter is completely insulting and displays continued contempt and disregard for the innocent victims of republican violence. It was very hurtful from a representative of a party that says it is committed to respect and it caused a lot of upset.

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