First Official 'Venom' Image Reveals Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock

Angelo Anderson
January 11, 2018

We want to be as true as possible to the comic with our film.

Filming for Venom continues on location in San Francisco later in January.

The first still from Sony Pictures' Venom starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom has been released. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Given some of the remarkable performances that Hardy has given, you know that Venom is going to be something special when his work has been described as "a masterclass".

Looks like this version of Eddie Brock cannot only read but write as well!

Are you excited to see what Tom Hardy brings to the role of Eddie Brock in Venom?

The pad itself makes specific reference to a "foundation" dealing with pharmaceutical testing, and while this could, in all seriousness, be making reference to any other foundation, chances are it's our first confirmation that the Life Foundation will be pulling the strings in Sony's Venom film. The former saw Venom step away from menacing Spider-Man and toward being a more heroic character.

If that's the case, then Phage, Agony, Scream, Riot and Lasher - the Venom clones from that story-arc - could also be making an appearance. In "Planet", an army of symbiotes descends upon the Earth.

Hardy and director Ruben Fleisher offered fans the first big tease at Venom at Brazil Comic Con Experience in December, but that was an experience limited to the people in the room. The stacked supporting cast includes Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, and Jenny Slate.

Today, we take a look at Sony's Venom, a much-anticipated upcoming film starring Tom Hardy as the lethal protector and directed by Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer.

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