Nigel Farage suggests there should be a second referendum on Brexit

Lester Mason
January 11, 2018

Or was that a time when Sir Nick, who lost his Parliament seat previous year, was actually relevant to British politics?

Andrew Adonis, who resigned as head of a government-backed infrastructure commission last month, said: "So Nigel Farage wants a referendum on Mrs May's Brexit deal". They will keep on whingeing and whining and moaning all the way through this process... "We may just finish the whole thing off, and [Tony] Blair can disappear off into total obscurity". He has argued for voters to be given the opportunity to reconsider once the full details have been determined.

Lord Malloch Brown, chairman of Best for Britain, which opposes Brexit, said: 'A second referendum: my message is clear - bring it on.

"This is something that the country needs".

'With these comments Nigel Farage is disowning the chaos that trying to leave the European Union has wrought on this country.

Following Britain's decision to leave the EU Farage sensationally stepped down as Ukip leader, and subsequently campaigned for Donald Trump in the US.

Since then, the United Kingdom government has been negotiating its exit from the EU.

Officials in a number of European capitals are open to considering plans to allow access to the single market in return for "substantial payments" to the EU, according to The Times.

He said that Europhile campaigners such as Tony Blair, Sir Nick Clegg and the Labour peer Lord Adonis would not stop "whinging and whining" throughout Brexit negotiations and indicated he was coming around to the idea that a second vote would settle the issue.

May, an ex-"Remainer" facing demands by powerful euroceptics in her party for a clean break from the EU, has committed to leaving the bloc's single market and customs union, and said Britain should be prepared to walk away without an exit deal.

Tom Brake, Brexit spokesman for the Liberal Democrats, said: "Farage shouldn't be so confident of winning".

The MEP is known as one of the most vocal proponents of Brexit, and was a key figure in the campaign to leave the EU.

Many of the Remain camp in Britain now focus on securing a soft Brexit rather than another referendum but some, including ex-Labour prime minister Tony Blair, say Brexit should be halted to safeguard Britain's economy and global standing.

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