Shitty Media Men list: Moira Donegan comes forward as author

Angelo Anderson
January 11, 2018

Donegan wrote, "The women who used the spreadsheet, and who spread it to others, used this power in a special way, and I'm thankful to all of them".

On Wednesday night, the Cut published "I Started the Media Men List". In the 12 hours it circulated Internet, it grew to identify more than 70 alleged predators.

"I only wanted to create a place for women to share their stories of harassment and assault without being needlessly discredited or judged", Moira Donegan wrote in an essay published by NY magazine's The Cut website Wednesday night.

But, Melucci reiterated: "The story is not about Moira Donegan".

That said, she also admitted to becoming "overwhelmed and scared" as more and more names were added to the spreadsheet. She has written for the London Review of Books, n+1 magazine and The New Yorker, among other publications. Though she hasn't specified her age, she writes that she graduated in 2013. She joined The New Republic in April; her last byline for the magazine appeared in July. In July 2017, she penned an article titled, "The Watermelon Woman Shows the Power of Gay History", an examination of the Cheryl Dunye's 1996 film The Watermelon Woman. "You don't need to doxx me, just head to my Instagram account, it's easy to find out where I hang out if you want to say hi".

Amid speculation that Harper's magazine planned to reveal the identity of the list's author in its March edition, writer Moira Donegan penned an article in The Cut saying she was behind the document.

Alexander, a Palestinian-German-American film and TV director, has directed episodes of How to Get Away With Murder, Taken, American Gothic, Limitless, Arrow, and Supergirl.

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"It was intended specifically not to inflict consequences, not to be a weapon - and yet, once it became public, many people immediately saw it as exactly that", she wrote, going on to describe her own experiences as a young writer confronted with some of the most well-known abusers in journalism and how the list was an attempt to shield the often powerless from retaliation from powerful men with the ability to fire, harass or publicly smear them. "An expression of woundedness and rage has been transformed into a demand for a better world". "I have to say it's a little disturbing that anyone besides Trump views Twitter as a reliable news source".

Following the article's publication, many in the media industry took to the social media platform with an vast amount of support for Donegan, praising her efforts to create a space for women to report sexual harassment and abuse.

"This escalated when I learned Katie Roiphe would be publishing my name in a forthcoming piece in Harper's magazine", she wrote.

"People who opposed the decision by Harper's speculated about what would happen to me as a result of being identified", Donegan wrote.

But Donegan does not regret creating it. "I declined and heard nothing more from Roiphe or Harper's until I received an email from a fact checker with questions about Roiphe's piece", Donegan wrote.

"In early December, Roiphe had emailed me to ask if I wanted to comment for a Harper's story she was writing on the "feminist moment". If not, how would you respond to this allegation?" She thought, instead, that the document wouldn't be made public, and that the focus of its narrative would remain on the behavior of the men listed in the document, instead of on the existence of the list itself. It is hard to believe, in retrospect, that I really thought this. "I lost my job, too".

Social media support for Donegan has been swift and overwhelming, with a copious amount of media women, non-binary people, and men thanking her for her bravery. As the stories accumulated and it became clear that many, many more women were using the document than I had ever imagined, I realised that I had created something that had grown rapidly beyond my control.

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