Christopher Steele was told Federal Bureau of Investigation had source in Trump orbit

Lloyd Doyle
January 12, 2018

In a tweet fired off late Tuesday, Cohen proclaimed that "enough is enough" and that he just "filed a defamation action against" BuzzFeed for publishing the "lie filled document" on Trump and himself.

The transcript is available here and corrections made after the transcript was finalized are available here.

The connection was revealed when a United States senator leaked a transcript of an interview with the co-founder of the company which produced the report. Simpson gave the names of Fusion partners but they are blacked out. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), asked Simpson to detail the steps Fusion GPS took to assess the credibility of Steele's information, much of which came from a network of sensitive, unnamed sources within Russian Federation.

Levy did not expand on that claim in the interview, nor is there any public information that would tie a specific killing to information in the dossier.

Russian Federation denies meddling in the USA presidential election.

Natalia Veselnitskaya was Prevezon's lawyer in Russian Federation so Simpson interacted with her when Fusion was working on the Prevezon case.

Protest poster at anti-Trump rally, New York City, June 3, 2017. That's the research firm behind the infamous Trump dossier.

Simpson was interviewed by the committee for 10 hours on August 22.

The conservative website Washington Free Beacon initially hired Fusion GPS in September 2015 to conduct opposition research into Trump and other candidates. If Simpson, as critics of his testimony insist, is that untrustworthy, then so be it, but that would mean that we do not know anything more today than we knew a week ago. We run a commercial business; we're all ex-journalists. Simpson said he had worked with Steele since 2009 and he is "basically a Boy Scout".

Fusion, in a statement to the Times, defended the firm's work - which anti-Putin crusader William Browder has described as smears for hire. Simpson could not answer that one. "We believe in our courts and our system of justice and that when all the facts are in, justice will prevail and Mr. Cohen will be awarded damages against the defendants". It's not clear who this person is. "It's a national security issue", Simpson recalled Steele saying.

Feinstein said at the time, "I wasn't consulted about this referral, nor were any of my Democratic colleagues".

"He said don't worry about that", Simpson said. "I was stunned", Simpson told the committee. "I figured it out based on other sources". Asked to clarify whether the source was part of Trump's campaign or Trump's business, Simpson declined to comment.

Simpson also said Steele was told that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had someone inside Trump's network providing agents with information - a claim he also made in an op-ed for the New York Times last week. "Nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton, I promise you". Somehow, after all this slick tradecraft, Clinton's people never saw it coming when the Russians betrayed them and hacked the DNC anyway. "That's a computer crime".

He did not identify the source. How were sources used and how was the information being given by sources verified? According to The Washington Post, Democrats later funded the work that led to the information revealed in the dossier. "If Cohen ends up litigating the truthfulness of information in the dossier, it could be embarrassing for him and for the president, since he opens a can of worms that defense lawyers can pick at to make Cohen's past and his involvement with the president very uncomfortable", he said.

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