Ed Sheeran-Penned Song for Tim McGraw Is Target of Copyright Lawsuit

Angelo Anderson
January 12, 2018

The three singers are being sued for $5 million by two Australians who claim that the song "The Rest Of Our Life", the title track of McGraw and Hill's duets album, infringes a song owned by the Australian duo.

The lawsuit, launched in the U.S. by ex-Thirsty Merc guitarist Sean Carey and keyboardist-producer Beau Golden, accuses McGraw and Hill's song "The Rest Of Our Life" (which was co-written by Sheeran) of ripping off Australian artist Jasmine Rae's song "When I Found You", which was co-written by Carey and Golden.

Sean Carey and Beau Golden are the Australian songwriters who filed the lawsuit, claiming the Sheeran co-written tune "blatantly copied" their 2014 song When I Found You, that was performed by Jasmine Rae, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Carey and Golden allege Rae's boyfriend Tim Holland, a marketing manager for Sony, was the person who introduced Rae's song to the label and knew about the alleged similarities between the songs months before The Rest Of Our Life was released. Busch was also behind the $20million lawsuit against Sheeran over the song 'Photograph'.

Also named in the lawsuit are fellow songwriters Johnny McDaid and Amy Wadge along with Sony/ATV, Universal Polygram and WB Music to name a few.

The common outcome has been settlements. Carey and Golden allege that Sony employees were fully aware of the infringement and may have even facilitated it.

According to, the complaint states: 'Mr.

They decided immediately to file suit over the song, and Rae tried to get her boyfriend, Tim Holland, involved.

Rae isn't a plaintiff in this case (and the lawsuit isn't shy about hinting at motive, with the accusation that she didn't write an email explaining how she wouldn't participate in an action against McGraw and Hill or their record company).

But when Holland was further pressed, he admitted to knowing that the songs were somewhat similar, the lawsuit stated.

An alternative theory of access is also provided in the complaint in that Sheeran was allegedly touring extensively in Australia when "When I Found You" was enjoying its biggest success on local airwaves. Both songs are said to explore themes of marriage, the passage of time, aging and the way that the romantic relationship protects the speaker against vulnerability. The suit seeks a permanent injunction to block the use of the song, $5 million in damages, as well as profits, royalties, and attorney fees.

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