GLAS Is A Beautiful Thermostat Powered By Cortana

Doris Richards
January 12, 2018

Hey, remember Microsoft Cortana, the digital assistant who's always at your beck and call? Well, now it can now warm up your house.

Microsoft and Johnson Controls have partnered to build a thermostat.

GLAS will be on display at CES 2018, coming up January 9-12.

And Ecobee4 has brought Amazon's Alexa to the smart thermostat arena at a price of $249 which beats the $319 price tag GLAS will have when it's available for preorder in March.

But that also means that it can control other smart home devices, such as lighting, by talking to the thermostat. You can say things like, "Hey, Cortana, set the temperature to 72 degrees", and it will be adjusted.

Microsoft claims that the smart thermostat backed up by its cloud and machine learning chops will help GLAS reduce the energy consumption of a user's dwelling. Cortana can check traffic, take a look at the weather, answer questions, tell you about your calendar and more. No matter where you install the device, the GLAS will reportedly be capable of monitoring indoor tVOC, humidity and eCO2 levels while simultaneously monitoring outdoor pollen levels, all while "intelligently" adjusting its settings to suit ever-changing air conditions.

And then there's the design of GLAS. Smart thermostats in general are aimed at helping users save money on heating and cooling bills by giving more control over how energy is used and at what time. The thermostat comes equipped with a translucent touchscreen.

Johnson Controls hasn't provided a specific release date for the product, only saying that it will be available for pre-order in March and will be available in the first quarter of 2018, for $319.

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