Hugh Bonneville on How Hugh Grant Has Changed Since Making 'Notting Hill'

Angelo Anderson
January 12, 2018

Thankfully, the people who have adapted his most famous character for the big screen have done a good enough job to make children understand their parents' nostalgia for the bear.

Given the rocky paths of many sequels, it's a special joy that "Paddington 2" is sweet as marmalade. Thankfully, Paddington's story is in good hands with King. (North American distribution rights were sold to Warner Bros.) to bring us another story about our favorite fictional bear, voiced by Ben Whishaw. Even as it traces Phoenix's descent into dastardly "Da Vinci Code"-style intrigues, as well as the Browns' valiant efforts to clear the name of their newest family member, "Paddington 2" somehow morphs into one of the most memorable prison pictures of recent vintage, anchored by Brendan Gleeson's hilariously growling turn as the most intimidating of Paddington's fellow inmates". Since it's not every day a bear turns 100, Paddington decides the flawless gift to send would be a revered pop-up book of London, except there's a problem; the change stuck inside his ear isn't going to be enough to cover the expensive cost. Sanjeev Bhaskar is a face glimpsed at a window on a London street while Meera Sayal makes a fleeting appearing in a courtroom scene. Given how sweet and kind Paddington is, such a situation could only be caused by some sort of awful mix-up, and that's clearly the case here, thanks to the police mistakenly assuming that he's responsible for stealing a valuable pop-up book which he meant to give to his Aunt Lucy for her 100th birthday. We spoke to Hugh Grant, who plays actor Phoenix Buchanan, Hugh Bonneville, who plays Mr.

Check out what they had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about. And then there's Grant, who, appropriate to his character, steals the spotlight, mugging to the rafters in an increasingly silly procession of costumes straight through to a winning musical number in the credits.

Has Hugh Grant changed at all since making Notting Hill? Brown in the franchise, joked to HuffPost on Build Series Tuesday. "They loathed me. They just said, 'Why are you in it so much?'"

The storyteller is Paul King, back for more after writing and directing 2014's hit "Paddington". "Getting ready for the new film will be one of the most charming study assignments of your life".

In the free world, Grant has a great time lampooning eccentric actor stereotypes and donning a series of disguises as he tries to follow the pop-up book's clues to the treasure, and the Brown family has just enough going on in their personal lives to keep them interesting without distracting from the film's primary trajectory. "It's actually a film that does genuinely appeal across the generations, and that all comes from Paul's spirit". The starring ensemble also includes Madeleine Harris, Samuel Joslin, and Oscar nominee Imelda Staunton (VERA DRAKE) as THE VOICE of Aunt Lucy.

Gleeson plays hardened chef Knuckles McGinty, whom Paddington meets in jail after he himself is accused of stealing the pop-up book. As we all know he made it to London but his aunt and uncle never did.

"Paddington 2" was originally meant to be distributed in the United States by The Weinstein Company, but following the allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Harvey Weinstein, producers began looking for another American distributor.

If you're caught up on season two of "The Grand Tour" (Clarkson's follow-up to "Top Gear", with fellow hosts Richard Hammond and James May), Hugh Bonneville guested on the Christmas episode.

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