Hyperkin's Ultra GB: An Aluminum Game Boy Classic

Doris Richards
January 12, 2018

Nintendo followed it up with the SNES Classic Edition in 2017, and despite having significantly more stock, still managed to sell out at virtually every retailer. The Hyperkin Ultra GB is still in development, but it already looks wonderful. According to Gizmodo, Hyperkin's console is made of aluminum, has the same volume and contrast dials as the original and looks virtually identical to the Game Boy Pocket.

The sepia-toned portable games console, the Game Boy looks to be making a reappearance in 2018. First of all, there's a third dial that allows you to adjust the backlit LCD display, which wasn't possible on the first several Game Boy models. That backlight can also be turned off, if you want an authentic and annoying true Game Boy experience, or can be set to that greenish tint you might remember.

Beyond audio, the final device will also have a USB-C charging port (it's now rocking an old-school AC port), while the screen will include an RGB wheel to cycle through color options, including that classic yellowish-greenish palette of the very first Game Boy. Why the improvements to the Game Boy's sound system when all of its classic games only generate mono sound? Yes, it's a thing, and a very popular thing.

The company hasn't talked about pricing too much, but rumor has it Hyperkin will be slapping a price of under $100 on the Ultra Game Boy.

Hyperkin is hoping to have the Ultra Game Boy, or whatever it ends up being called, ready for late winter this year, with a price point of under $US100 ($127). It will play all of your classic Game Boy games, and maybe even your Game Boy Color games.

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