USA east coast hit with sub-zero wind chill hitting -34C

Leslie Hanson
January 12, 2018

The intense "bomb cyclone" first struck the southeastern us state of Florida earlier this week, causing frozen iguana dropping to fall from the trees.

The cold and snowy weather have been blamed for at least 18 deaths in the past few days, including four in North Carolina traffic accidents and three in Texas.

AccuWeather reports that temperatures are likely to bottom out today through Saturday, with some areas in the north staying in the single digits. Authorities issued warnings saying there was an impending risk of frostbite.

In the United States some of the worst affected are the country's homeless.

Forecasters predicted strong winds and record-breaking cold air to hang around through the weekend. The East Coast's first snowstorm of 2018 was energised by this rapid drop in barometric pressure.

The scientific jargon explaining a bombogenesis, or bomb cyclone, is long and complicated, involving terms such as "millibars" and "atmospheric pressure".

The bomb cyclone now blasting the Northeast actually doubled the rate necessary to earn it that classification. This explains the Arctic air freezing parts of US. In some of those places, exposed skin could freeze within 30 minutes, meteorologist Dan Petersen of the National Weather Service's Maryland-based Weather Prediction Center was quoted as saying by Reuters.

The brutal cold in parts of the East Coast and Midwest shows no sign of abating but according to meteorologists, a thaw should begin on Monday.

A man walks across Boston Common following winter snow storm Grayson in Boston, Massachusetts.

Frigid water poured into the streets of some coastal New England cities Thursday, as a bomb cyclone pounded the region with record-high tides and blinding snow.

"I've been in minus 60 before so minus 20 doesn't frighten me", he said as he waited for a bus back to Boston Friday.

Panicked New York City residents rushed to shops before the snow came, clearing shelves of milk, eggs, and kale, the New York Times reported. But sustained winds of 159 km/h and gusts of up to 180 km/h atop the 6,200-foot (1,990-metre) peak made it feel more like minus 92 F (-69 Celsius).

From Maine to Florida, commercial buildings have been running heat on high, the New York Times reported. In Boston, the heavy snow is compounded by flooding, as the storm is bringing icy water from the sea to its coastal areas. In Canada, which is also battling extreme weather conditions, the Calgary Zoo announced that it was moving its king penguins inside amid -13F (-25C) temperatures.

On Saturday, more than 110 million people will be affected by either a wind-chill warning or a weather advisory, covering the geographical area from the Great Lakes to New England, they said.

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