Daniel Radcliffe Reacts To Johnny Depp's Fantastic Beasts Casting Controversy

Angelo Anderson
January 13, 2018

Johnny Depp's role as Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise has garnered controversy since it was first revealed, despite support from director David Yates, Warner Bros., and J.K. Rowling.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Daniel Radcliffe, who starred as the powerful young wizard in all eight HP movies, explained that the whole situation has been "a very hard thing" for him, and that he still wants to be supportive of the producers who "gave [him] a great start in life and an awesome job".

"It's a very hard thing for me", Radcliffe told Entertainment Weekly. In doing so, Radcliffe called this a "hard thing" for him to discuss, given that the film's producers "gave me a great start in life and an fantastic job".

Radcliffe elaborated that he did not want to speak negatively about the people who gave him the fantastic opportunity that helped shape his career, however he could understand the fan's frustrations. Heard had accused Depp of abuse, but he was never arrested or charged. At a time when men in Hollywood are being forced to accept the consequences of their actions against women, fans have struggled to comprehend why Depp has essentially received a free pass - something Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe doesn't understand, either.

Radcliffe is referring to Jamie Waylett, aka Slytherin bully Vincent Crabbe, who was arrested and pleaded guilty to growing 10 plants of marijuana in his mother's home, and booted from the final two Potter films, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2.

"'Harry Potter' fans had legitimate questions and concerns about our choice to continue with Johnny Depp in the role", Rowling wrote in a blog post in December.

Thus far the filmmakers' defense of the accused domestic abuser hasn't made things much better.

Warner Bros has very deliberately pushed forward with a movie that stars Depp as the titular character, in a thirst for the added revenue that Depp will apparently bring in, and they're willing to overlook all of his misdeeds in order to make a quick buck.

We'll find out if the controversy affects the movie's reception when Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald hits theaters on November 16.

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