How to protect your dog from canine influenza

Leslie Hanson
January 13, 2018

The health unit said this flu is highly contagious between dogs, particularly in Canada, where the animals do not have natural immunity from previous infection and canine influenza vaccination is rare. Another paper published in 2015 in Epidemiology and Infection reported genetic recombination between human and canine influenza viruses.

Frandle recommended vaccination during a Q&A with Mercury News, adding that owners should keep their dogs away from other animals.

"We live out in the country and this is sort of a treat for her to come and socialize with the other dogs", said Mike Froke from Los Molinos, who was at Degarmo Dog Park Thursday in Chico.

Dogs most at risk of catching canine influenza are those in contact with other dogs.

What are the symptoms of dog flu that I need to look for?

Dr. Carotenuto said there is a vaccine for canine influenza, and it is effective.

SFGate reported that the two strains of dog flu - H3N2 and H3N8 - didn't come to California until 2017, with one case reported in Sacramento. Some dogs can die but it's pretty uncommon.

"It was a dog that was in a boarding situation", she said.

How easily does it spread?

There is a flu shot for dogs, just as there's one for humans, and it does cover the H3N2 strain diagnosed in the rescue dogs from Korea.

Although not all clinics carry it, there is a vaccine for canine influenza to protect your furry friend.

"Dogs have a lot of nose-to-nose, and that's where flu is shed. It runs its course", said Weese.

As a result of such findings, a 2016 review paper disturbingly concluded "that dogs could play a role in virus adaptation and genome mixing before spread [sic] to other species". "I'd be concerned if they weren't eating or drinking but other than that, they need to get out and just be dogs", said Poirier. "It's definitely something you do not want your dogs to get". If a dog catches it, they will feel exhausted, will cough and even have a runny nose. But some dog owners have chosen to get it for dogs travelling to areas with dog flu outbreaks.

Human influenza, meanwhile, is widespread in every state but Hawaii. Human flu can spread to pigs and birds and vice versa. "Experts feel dog flu is now endemic in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Florida and now here in California".

That could happen if a dog infected with canine flu also contracted a human flu, and the two strains combined to create a new virus that was capable of infecting humans.

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