It would be fun to run against Oprah, I'll beat her

Angelo Anderson
January 13, 2018

Media magnate Oprah Winfrey is "intrigued" by the possibility of running for the US presidency in 2020 but is not considering it now, a close friend said on Tuesday after Winfrey's speech at a Hollywood awards show thrust her name into the political arena. Now, when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who has mused about running himself, stood and applauded Oprah's speech, you could see the early pecking order of a potential Democratic nomination battle establishing itself ("The Rock" would be a second-tier candidate). "Her last week. She had Donald Trump and my family".

She said she likes the fact that Winfrey "reads with comprehension, is inclusive and is global". "That's not her style".

She touched on racism, highlighting that in 2018 she is the first black woman to receive this award - 36 years after Sidney Poitier became the first black man to be presented with it.

Cobb-Hunter said she thinks Winfrey could even win in SC.

Sixty-four percent of respondents have a favorable view of Winfrey, including 43 per cent of Trump supporters, according to the NPR, PBS NewsHour and Marist survey.

She also enjoys an advantage in the Democratic Party to the extent that she doesn't seem to have dragged herself and others through the mud in the 2016 party in-fighting.

Winfrey does, however, win independents by 9 percentage points, 46 to 37 percent.

Even so, for Democrats in early voting states, and perhaps for a public that largely disapproves of President Donald Trump's job performance, the notion of a popular media figure as a presidential candidate is not as odd as it once seemed, given the NY real estate mogul and reality TV star now in the White House.

Winfrey has denied any interest in running, which has not slowed speculation. That could spell a potentially tough primary against a more politically qualified opponent. On January 7, Oprah Winfrey, the first African-American woman to receive the prize, accepted with a rousing speech that has fans calling for a 2020 presidential run. She loves this country and would like to be of service in some way, but I don't think that she's actively considering it. But the latter tossed her support to Trump's opponent Hillary Clinton by responding, "I'm with her". Over 30 years, she became the face of television talk shows, starred and produced feature films, and began her own network.

"Yeah, I'll beat Oprah", Mr Trump told reporters during a meeting to discuss immigration reform with U.S. senators.

On the current trajectory, what Democrats will most need in 2020 is someone with a big enough personality that Trump can't diminish and negatively brand him or her.

"We always like outsiders", Miringoff said, "and those used to be governors".

Donald Trump was not qualified for the office he now holds.

On the other hand, Oprah is a celebrity candidate with no executive experience.

Or are we in a different time?

Now, before all the lefties start caps-locking me to death on Twitter, we know Winfrey's neoliberalism.

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