JJ Redick 'not entirely convinced' dinosaurs existed on Earth

Angelo Anderson
January 13, 2018

Irving joined J.J. Redick on his Ringer podcast in a late-night recording session after the two played in the NBA's London showcase on Thursday.

There's no way Kyrie Irving actually believes the world is flat. But Irving himself initially got his information from a social media application, which immediately calls into question his "independent research" methods. But the more he says it in interview after interview, it's beginning to become worrisome that Irving thinks these things. "Meaning, like, I had these specific pages on Instagram that were like, 'The truth given to you, ' and videos like, 'This is the flat earth, and the horizon evens out only on a flat earth, ' and I was just like ..."

"When I said it, though, I had been watching a whole bunch of Instagram videos", Irving said. It's a conspiracy theory. And if you think about the actual intent behind it was: "Do your own research".

For those keeping score at home, that's one Duke alum who's unconvinced the Earth is flat, and another who thinks dinosaur fossils might be coincidences. Irving says he's watched "Loose Change", a film that suggests the attacks were orchestrated by members of the US government. "I just want it to be just done with".

It's still highly probable that Irving is just trolling all of us because at this point, he has taken this whole thing to a certain point and it would be pointless to stop now and walk back his comments. "I know I'm wrong on this". And I'm thinking to myself, 'alright, humans - like Homo sapiens - we've been here since, like, 10,000 B.C. We've been roaming the Earth, we've had multiple empires all over the world... and in all that time, we didn't find any fossils until 150 years ago?' "It makes you think!".

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