Passport won't work as address proof anymore, new format soon

Lester Mason
January 13, 2018

As a outcome, the document that shows citizenship will cease to be a valid proof of address photo copy of which is now taken for use at government and private offices. The last page is where the passport-holder's address is mentioned and hence it might not work as a valid proof of address.

Passports may no longer be valid proof of address for a simple reason: they may not have the current last page with the address of the passport holder if the ministry of external affairs goes ahead with a proposal it is considering. The committee reviewed the things which said that the name of the father can be removed from the passport.

A Hindustan Times report quoted Surendera Kumar, under-secretary of policy and legal matters at the consular, passport and visa division of the ministry, saying that the change could happen when the "next series" of passports is being issued. The information will still be stored in the system of the MEA, so it will not affect the government. Those who require emigration checks may be issued passports with an orange cover to speed up the process at the airports, officials say. To make immigration and screening more efficient, orange coloured passports may be issued for individuals in the ECR category.

The decision was taken after the Ministry examined the recommendation of the Committee in consultation with the various stakeholders, and the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regarding Machine Readable Travel Documents.

The ministry of external affairs will soon issue new passports without the last page that contains details including the residential address of the holder, a statement from the ministry said on Friday.

Ironically, UK is contemplating reverting its passport colour from burgundy to blue to celebrate Brexit.

At present, the crucial document is issued in three colours - white passport is given to government officers, diplomats get red passport while other people get blue ones.

Till the new passport booklets are designed, manufactured and made available to the ministry by ISP, the passports would continue to be printed with the last page.

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