Rob Gronkowski steers people away from latest social media eating challenge

Annette Crawford
January 13, 2018

"They should not be played with, whatever the circumstance is, even if it is meant as a joke".

Named the "Tide Pod Challenge", the new trend sees teens filming themselves while they attempt to eat laundry detergent capsules, before challenging their friends to do the same.

Are Tide pods good for eating? Other online images show the Tide pods being used as a pizza topping or in other other gelatin-based "dishes". "Nothing else", the brand's Twitter account tweeted on Friday. For example, one recipe includes mixing the Tide pods with gelatin and leaving the mixture in a cooking pan overnight to harden.

In a statement reported by ABC 10 Local News, a spokesperson from Tide explained that despite the recent increase in social media attention on eating Tide pods, there does not seem to be an increase in individuals being treated for the consequences of this action.

"Do not eat", he says as he looks at the Tide Pod, and then the camera, as if he too is truly having to resist popping the pod right into his mouth and chomping down with reckless abandon.

"Why did my video on kids doing the "Tide Pod Challenge" get taken down and striked when there are millions of compilations of kids eating them?" questioned user Niksfinity. Children and elderly people, however, are often more at risk of accidentally mistaking laundry pods as food or a toy.

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