Second referendum on European Union would overturn leave decision, survey finds

Lester Mason
January 13, 2018

"We will not be having a second referendum", he said.

Appearing on Channel 5's The Wright Stuff on Thursday, he said: "What is for certain is that the Cleggs, the Blairs, the Adonises will never ever ever give up".

Mr Farage, said a second referendum would "kill off" the issue for a generation.

"To hold such a referendum would be to call into question the decisive importance of the largest democratic exercise ever held by this country", Bolton said.

"They will go on whinging and whining and moaning all the way through this process", he added.

Although paid as Farage's assistant, Adams was also the national nominating officer for Ukip, where he was described as one of the party's "key people".

And co-founder of the Leave.EU referendum campaign group, Arron Banks, said that to avoid sleepwalking "into a faux Brexit" people should "go back the polls and let the people shout from the rooftops their support of a true Brexit".

"I don't agree with the decision and it's not the way I would vote but I think that [having a second referendum] is a ridiculous idea.

The percentage that would vote to leave next time would be very much bigger than it was last time round".

"And Blair can disappear off into total obscurity".

But the other side of the Brexit debate were more enthusiastic.

Mr Farage told his LBC show he has opened his mind to the possibility that a second Brexit vote could be "forced upon" British people.

Former Lib Dem leader and MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, Tim Farron, said: "The country is united in wanting the best future for Britain".

'Here's why. My meeting with Mr (Michel) Barnier earlier this week left me in no doubt that a grown-up, rounded trade agreement to cover both goods and services is not possible thanks to the truculence of most of the bureaucrats who run the European Union'.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, he said: 'While I want the 2016 referendum result to be honoured, however, and know that a second referendum would create huge uncertainties for Britain, I am beginning to fear that a second plebiscite may well happen anyway.

"There may well be one last dramatic battle that will take place in all this".

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