Steven Spielberg Believes Women Will Get 'Several' Best Director Oscar Nominations

Angelo Anderson
January 13, 2018

But then, Portman took the stage, appearing with director Ron Howard to present the award for best director. Rather than immediately presenting the award for Best Motion Picture, Drama, as was her charge, Streisand spoke up.

But the person with the best line of the night was Natalie Portman.

But Ms. Portman managed to deliver a line that instantly landed among the awards show's most memorable. She too, wore a sparkly black gown to show her support for the anti-sexual harassment initiative. However, when he took the stage, he made sure to ask the Globes to not play the wrap-up-your-speech-music, so he could shed light on the "fantastic women" who had worked on his film.

So, let's talk about Natalie Portman's "all-male" comment.

Did it need to be said? "We have some wonderful women that have come forward, you know "Mudbound" and "Lady Bird",'" he added, referring to Dee Rees and Greta Gerwig. Or, how about Dee Rees for the stunning and universally under appreciated, Mudbound?

Spielberg didn't shy away from the fact that female directors specifically have a hard time getting recognition for their work. So, making these men uncomfortable for a few seconds is a small price to pay for the unhinged acknowledgment of a stacked deck.

Because yes, there were five nominees, and they were all men.

Women were also absent from some of the key categories in the BAFTA nominations, which were announced Tuesday.

Hollywood has been grappling with gender parity in the workplace. "We lived in the gaps between the stories". "Truth is powerful, and in a really good film, we recognized the truth about ourselves, about others, and it's so powerful that it can even change people's minds, touch people's hearts, and ultimately even change society, itself".

Steven Spielberg is embracing this time in Hollywood!

The study found that women accounted for 11% of directors working on the top 250 films in 2017, up 4 percentage points from 2016.

"I was the only woman - did I hear right?" "Many of us were taught not to tattle, it was a culture of silencing and that was normalised", she said.

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