Trump golf courses investigated by Russian Federation dossier team

Lester Mason
January 13, 2018

A day earlier, Feinstein, who faces a primary challenge in her re-election this year, released the transcript of the Senate Judiciary Committee's closed-door August interview with an official from the political opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which commissioned the dossier. It comes a few days after Republican senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham recommended that the Justice Department investigate Fusion investigator Christopher Steele-author of the notorious so-called Steele Dossier-claiming that he may have lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In the op-ed, Simpson and Fritsch said the transcripts would show that they told lawmakers that they believed the dossier had been taken seriously by the FBI because it matched reports that the bureau was receiving from other sources.

President Donald Trump is lashing out at Sen.

But according to Simpson's testimony, Steele thought the Federal Bureau of Investigation would deem his claims credible because its person inside the campaign would corroborate them.

Cuomo reminded Kennedy, who sits on the Judiciary Committee with Feinstein, that it was Republicans in Congress who had doubted the credibility of Steele.

As for the "sneaky" label, she said, "He tends to call people names very quickly, so I'm not alone". It also describes lascivious behavior that might embarrass Trump or could have been used as leverage to influence him.

Trump has derided the dossier as a politically motivated hit job.

Republicans have underscored the outrageous aspects of the dossier as evidence that it is misinformation at best and sought to emphasize that it is unproven.

The criminal referral urged the DOJ to examine whether Steele made false statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation "about the distribution of claims" contained in the dossier.

Republicans like Senator Richard Burr bristled at this suggestion, yet did not address Fusion GPS' central complaint that they wanted their testimony to be released to the public.

"It has hurt our government", he said.

Feinstein released the 312-page document unilaterally, without the knowledge of committee Chairman Sen. "Her action undermines the integrity of the committee's oversight work and jeopardizes its ability to secure candid voluntary testimony relating to the independent recollections of future witnesses".

Fusion GPS is now being investigated by the Senate Judiciary Committee for the controversial dossier it produced on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 elections. He invited Simpson to instead testify publicly.

Separately, the source said the committee got access to dossier-related financial records from TD Bank on Friday following a court decision, making any potential appeal by Fusion GPS moot.

Democrats say those investigations are a distraction.

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