Trump Referred to Intelligence Analyst as 'Pretty Korean Lady'

Lester Mason
January 13, 2018

"Trump, who was meeting with the analyst as part of a briefing on a family being released by militants in Pakistan, waited until the briefing was over before questioning her where she was from". Trump asked, according to The Hill, adding why the USA wasn't bringing more people in from countries like Norway.

But after admitting that both of her parents were from Korea, Trump reportedly asked an adviser why the "pretty Korean lady" was not negotiating with North Korea's government on behalf of the United States.

President Donald Trump, who recently drew the ire of not only Americans but was slammed internationally after calling nations from Africa, as well as Latin American nations like Haiti and El Salvador, "shithole countries", had earlier made a racist and sexist remark to a USA intelligence agent at the White House.

According to NBC, the officials who discussed the "pretty Korean lady" remark "said the president likely meant no harm with his inquiry, but it raised concern of a lack of cultural sensitivity and decorum".

It was her first time meeting the president, and when she was done briefing, he had a question for her.

President Donald Trump referred to an intelligence analyst as a "pretty Korean lady" and asked why she wasn't talking with the North Koreans to help curb their nuclear weapons program.

On Twitter on Friday morning, Trump denied having made the "shithole" remark.

Citing two officials with direct knowledge of the exchange, NBC said the president asked the analyst where she was from, to which she said New York City.

Apparently being a woman and a "Korean" at that (even though the intelligence agent, being born in the USA, was wholly American) was enough for Trump to completely dismiss her role as an expert in hostage policy and downgrade her to just a "pretty, Korean lady".

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