Trump's personal lawyer sues BuzzFeed over Russian Federation dossier

Mindy Sparks
January 13, 2018

Cohen said he told the panels that he never engaged with, was paid by, or communicated with anyone representing the Russian government, or anyone else, about hacking or interfering with the USA election, hacking the Democratic Party, or about creating fake news stories to assist the Trump campaign or to damage the Hillary Clinton campaign. "Their posture toward Mr. Trump was, we now know even more comprehensively than we did in January 2017, shaped by (ex-British intelligence agent Christopher) Steele's report".

Trump's private lawyer, Michael Cohen, is suing BuzzFeed for publishing the Russian dossier which defamed him. It will be hard for Mr. Cohen to meet that heightened legal standard.

"Enough is enough of the #fake #RussianDossier".

To mark the anniversary of BuzzFeed's controversial decision to publish the dossier in full, Ben Smith, the site's editor-in-chief, penned a New York Times op-ed titled, "I'm Proud We Published the Trump-Russia Dossier".

Mr Trump has always dismissed the claims of the dossier as nothing more than a politically motivated smear.

The owners of Fusion GPS, the research firm behind the dossier, that slammed the Republican reaction to their congressional testimony.

"The innuendo and misinformation circulating about the transcript are part of a deeply troubling effort to undermine the investigation into potential collusion and obstruction of justice", Feinstein said in a statement. BuzzFeed said it was nevertheless publishing the document "so that Americans can make up their own minds" about the allegations against Trump.

Donald Trump's Scottish golf courses have been investigated by the team behind the dossier on the USA president's alleged ties to Russian Federation. Most other USA news organizations declined to publish the document because many of its claims - some of them salacious - haven't been substantiated.

"Journalistic traditionalists didn't like the idea of sharing an unfiltered, unverified document with the public, whatever the caveats and context", he wrote, adding that NBC News's Chuck Todd had called it "fake news" at the time.

Cohen, like many of Trump's aides and allies, has been harshly critical of some national news outlets. Most ot08her US news organizations declined to publish the document because many of its claims - some of them salacious - haven't been substantiated.

It was compiled by Christopher Steele, who had been head of the Russian Federation desk at Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, better known as MI6.

"Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years", his memo began.

Carter wrote that the Federal Bureau of Investigation used the dossier as evidence despite a large portion of the information contained in the dossier having been proven wrong or remaining unsubstantiated.

Details of the dossier finally became public in January previous year, when Mr Trump was briefed on its existence and the potential security threat it posed.

Meanwhile, Claypool said that Cohen can "prevail" in at least one his cases, considering BuzzFeed knew the dossier contained unverified information when it made a decision to publish the document.

Earlier, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley had taken the equally unusual step of seeking a criminal investigation of Steele, alleging he had lied to the FBI over his contacts with the news media about the dossier.

In August he appeared before a congressional committee to deny its allegations point by point.

Cohen stated in his lawsuit that the dossier made false claims about his family ties to Russian Federation, also denying that he flew over there to meet with certain government officials.

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