WESTPORTS HOLDINGS BERHAD (5246.KL) Chart Watch: Following the Indicators

Lloyd Doyle
January 13, 2018

In order to get a better grasp of which direction the shares are headed from here, we can deep dive into some key technical indicators.

Taking a look at another technical level, Sturdy Industries Ltd. (STURDY.BO) presently has a 14-day Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of 170.66. Used as a coincident indicator, the CCI reading above +100 would reflect strong price action which may signal an uptrend.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a highly popular momentum indicator used for technical analysis. As always, the values may need to be adjusted based on the specific stock and market. On the other hand, a reading of -100 would imply that the stock is oversold and possibly set for a rally. They may also be used to help find support or resistance levels. Shares of Surgical Innovations Group Plc (SUN.L) have a 7-day moving average of 3.60. After a recent check, the 14-day RSIfor Surgical Innovations Group Plc (SUN.L) is now at 57.93, the 7-day stands at 60.12, and the 3-day is sitting at 67.54. The ADX is a technical indicator developed by J. Welles Wilder used to determine the strength of a trend. The RSI may be useful for spotting abnormal price activity and volatility. The RSI oscillates on a scale from 0 to 100. The assumption behind the indicator is that investment instruments move in cycles with highs and lows coming at certain periodic intervals. The moving average can be used as a reference point to assist with the discovery of buying and selling opportunities. This is a momentum indicator that is the inverse of the Fast Stochastic Oscillator. Ekf Diagnostics Holdings Plc (EKF.L) now has a 14 day Williams %R of -45.80. Often times, investors may be challenged with trying to figure out the proper time to sell winners or let go of losers. Traders may be following the score looking for signs of possible strength. With the recent trend resulting in a series of new all-time record highs, investors will have to put the pieces together to try and gauge how long the second longest bull market in history will continue. The opposite would be the case for a falling ADX line. A common look back period is 14 days. If the RSI is closer to 100, this may indicate a period of stronger momentum.

MARSONS LIMITED (MARSONS.BO)'s 14-day RSI is presently resting at 54.80.

The RSI, or Relative Strength Index, is a commonly used technical momentum indicator that compares price movement over time. As a general rule, an RSI reading over 70 would signal overbought conditions. Many investors will use the CCI in conjunction with other indicators when evaluating a trade. Alternately, if the indicator goes below -80, this may point to the stock being oversold. On the flip side, a reading below -100 may signal a downtrend reflecting weak price action. A CCI reading of +100 may represent overbought conditions, while readings near -100 may indicate oversold territory.

Shares of MARSONS LIMITED (MARSONS.BO) have a 200-day moving average of 8.88. Moving averages can be very useful for identifying peaks and troughs. The ADX is often used along with the Plus Directional Indicator (+DI) and Minus Directional Indicator (-DI) to identify the direction of the trend. Generally speaking, a rising ADX line means that an existing trend is gaining strength. Many traders will use a combination of moving averages with different time frames to help review stock trend direction. At the time of writing, the 14-day ADX for Ishares Plc (IWRD.L) is noted at 13.30. Many technical chart analysts believe that an ADX value over 25 would suggest a strong trend. A value of 50-75 would identify a very strong trend, and a value of 75-100 would lead to an extremely strong trend.

Taking a deeper look into the technical levels of Reliance Capital Limited (RELCAPITAL.NS), we can see that the Williams Percent Range or 14 day Williams %R now sits at -7.98.

The Williams %R is created to provide a general sense of when the equity might have reached an extreme and be primed for a reversal. As a general observance, the more overbought or oversold the reading displays, the more likely a reversal may take place.

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