Eliza Dushku Recounts Sexual Assault Experience on True Lies

Angelo Anderson
January 14, 2018

I never sexually assaulted her.

In a Facebook post on Saturday the Dollhouse actress wrote that she was "sexually molested" by the then-36-year-old stunt coordinator after Kramer "lured" her to his hotel room, promising Dushku's parents that he would take her swimming at the stunt crew's hotel pool and take her out for sushi. "I'm probably going to have to talk to an attorney at some point, that will cost me thousands of dollars to get to the bottom of this, but why would I want to countersue and ruin her life?"

Kramer told Us that a woman who worked with Dushku, 37, as a teacher or a manager on the set told him that the pre-teen was infatuated with him. Stunt doubles did all the big stunts, Eliza did close-ups on camera, we wanted her trust and we treated her like family. I don't know what to say.

At this time, Kramer hasn't responded to Dushku's horrifying tell-all account.

The actress, who is now 37, asks, "Why didn't an adult on the set find his predatory advances odd - that over-the-top special attention he gave me".

Eliza alleged that when she was 12, she was "sexually molested by Joel Kramer, one of Hollywood's leading stunt coordinators". He said it's clear that her claims are merely not true. "I am angry, I am just hurt", he told Us.

He did, however, say he was told by the set nurse that Dushku had a crush on him and he said he had to be "really careful around her".

While Kramer plans on talking to a lawyer, he will not countersue if this goes to court. "She just ruined me".

Kramer said he is now considering legal action.

Dushku concludes her post on a hopeful note.

"And I remember how soon-after", she wrote, "when my tough adult female friend (in whom I had confided my awful secret on the condition of a trade that she let me drive her vehicle around the Hollywood Hills) came out to the set to visit and face him, later that very same day, by no small coincidence, I was injured from a stunt-gone-wrong on the Harrier jet".

The actress adds that she was prompted to come out with her story now when she saw a photo of Kramer hugging a young girl on the Internet, an image that she writes "haunted" her. Dushku also credits other Hollywood women who have come out with stories of abuse and assault in recent weeks for strengthening her resolve. I like to think of myself as a tough Boston chick, in many ways I suppose not unlike Faith, Missy, or Echo. "I hope that speaking out will help other victims and protect against future abuse".

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