Everything announced during today's Nintendo Direct Mini

Doris Richards
January 14, 2018

The final announcement of the Mini Direct, and probably the largest, is the confirmation of the rumored Dark Souls coming to Nintendo Switch. A Nintendo 3DS demo of Kirby Battle Royale was also announced.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC - Speaking of Donkey Kong, guess who's going to be the next playable character in Nintendo's weird partnership with Ubisoft? The game has since made its way to iOS and Android devices, but now a new version of the game is set to come to the Switch this year. The new edition will feature a story mode, as well as new layers to the series' core gameplay stylings.

Hyrule Warriors will also be coming to Nintendo Switch in a Deluxe Edition.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo announced an upcoming update for Super Mario Odyssey that will allow players to play as Luigi once players have ended the story. With a continuously growing number of gamers buying the hybrid portable console, it is also not a surprise that more video game companies want to bring their titles to the gaming platform. With Luigi, players will have access to Balloon World mode, a competitive mode that will see players hiding balloons for other players to find. And Dark Souls on the Nintendo Switch?

Payday 2 will be launching with exclusive character Joy, a Japanese heister with a LED powered changing mask.

Payday 2 - Dark Souls may be a surprisingly mature addition to Nintendo's library, but it's not quite as surprising as Payday 2.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (Summer 2018) - Another re-release sees this well-reviewed RPG finally landing on a Nintendo console.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze originally launched for Wii U and this Switch re-release will be available on May 4.

Funky has a host of new abilities that combine all of the other Kong's abilities into one character, including double jumping, hovering, and infinite rolling.

FE the new platformer will be coming to Switch. A final release date wasn't announced, but The World Ends With You will hit the Switch at some point in 2018. But bringing From Software's title over is a big 3rd party get for the system.

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