Google reportedly plans to revamp its store with Assistant as the focus

Lloyd Doyle
January 14, 2018

The only possible competitor to Alexa at this point is Google Home, but Alexa has a huge lead: over 4,000 devices can now be controlled by Alexa, the company said, while Google's total is around 1,500. We may even see a dedicated Google Home with a screen in 2018. Existing Hopper owners could order the new remote for $20. "[The firm] has proven that there is a logical use case for a hands-free assistant in the smart home". The first is an 8-inch model that costs $199.99, the second is a 10-inch model priced at $249.99.

Starting your day gets easier with the Lenovo Smart Display. Instead, these devices will come with better microphones and speakers. You don't have to think about using your Smart Display. The technology will be introduced in four new display devices this year, including JBL, Lenovo, LG and Sony.

Affordable smart speakers saw a boom over the gift giving season, with Amazon Echo and Google Home featuring at the forefront of the "most sought" list. This is a great feature, especially for those with fears of unauthorized spying or those who just absolutely want to make sure that the camera can not see anything.

The smaller model measures 263x142x111mm, while the 10in is larger in every respect, at 311x174x136mm. They are due out in the U.S. this summer, but we don't know when they are coming to the United Kingdom or what prices will be. To that end, if Google Assistant is going to be pervasive, then it has to be in a lot of different devices - not just in terms of functionality, but also form. The research came from NPR and Edison Research, and found that 16% of Americans own a smart speaker, putting the figure at around 39 million people. "We've been able to work together on all kinds of devices including LG watches, OLED TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, air conditioners and more", he said. Another advantage that Google Display will have over Amazon's Alexa is that now there is full YouTube integration that Alexa does not have. JBL wasn't the only company to announce a speaker like this. LG is the third manufacturer to get on board the bandwagon as they too have announced the release of the LG ThinQ WK9. Further reports reveal that Google's efforts of reminding fans of the existence of the Google Assistant has also extended to huge advertisement billboards. Moreover, some of the displays are more like tablets, and will let you carry them around your house. LG, for example, makes smartphones that support Assistant, but also Alexa-enabled appliances.

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