Governor Northam sings multiple executive orders only hours after being inaugurated

Lester Mason
January 14, 2018

Speaking to a crowd gathered in dreary, cold weather on the south portico of the state Capitol, Northam took veiled shots at the president while promising to govern with a "moral compass".

Northam is only the second governor to hail from the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

"We put our lives at risk every day with 122 people losing their status", said Bruna Distino, a DACA recipient. Northam said the tradition-bound military academy with a strict honor code continues to help guide his actions. Cadets from Northam's alma mater, Virginia Military Institute, marched across the grounds, saluting the new governor.

Northam's first executive order was signed immediately after the parade. He said the lessons he learned there, including the importance of hope, will stay with him during his four years as governor.

"If we work together today, tomorrow will be better for all of the Virginians who have placed their trust in us to fight for them every day". However, just like Ralph Northam, many use the position as a stepping stone to the governor's mansion.

The state's 73rd governor faces a host of others challenges. And the economic, political and cultural divides within the state appear to be growing, particularly between its rural and urban areas. Cunningham said she felt it was important for voters to be involved in state and local politics. Chris Perdieu said he didn't vote for Northam, and both expressed concern that he would push to remove the statue of Confederate Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson at VMI.

Fairfax is a former federal prosecutor who ran for Attorney General in 2013. His core policy platforms as governor, he said, are those he believes are nonpartisan: expanding health care, reducing gun violence and ensuring equal access to education.

The inaugural parade began immediately after the ceremony, featuring dozens of groups from across the commonwealth. "This country is once again looking to Virginia to lead the way".

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