LG's new smart kitchen appliances make it easier to cook and clean

Lloyd Doyle
January 14, 2018

LG today announced its new smart kitchen products including the InstaView ThinQ refrigerator, the EasyClean oven and the QuadWash dishwasher.

The headliner is the InstaView ThinQ refrigerator.

The InstaView ThinQ refrigerator sports a 29-inch touchscreen that can act as either a computer display or a transparent window.

The smart fridge is part of LG's smart kitchen offerings that include the EasyClean Oven and QuadWash Dishwasher, all engineered to "maximize efficiency and ease and to allow more quality time at home".

When you choose a recipe (including those suggested by the fridge, which detects what you have on hand), you can send it to an oven with Alexa support to get spoken cooking instructions. A panoramic camera can also be found inside the unit, purportedly to allow for remote checking of what items need restocking or tossing. The LG EasyClean oven connected to the appropriate app can access recipe information wirelessly and automatically begin preheating at a specific temperature at a set time. The plan is for LG to demonstrate how the appliances work this week, but no release date and pricing details have been provided. The oven can also send a notification to your smartphone when it requires cleaning. For example, the intelligent dishwasher will select a longer running cycle with hotter water for a greasy dish than with a light vegetable casserole.

LG's Home Appliance & Air Solution Company President Song Dae-hyun believes all these will bring good to the smart home industry and said, "LG's use of artificial intelligence in the kitchen enhances the quality of life by offering innovative solutions to everyday struggles in the kitchen". Super cool. LG has been in the touch-your-fridge game for a while now, where they had their Smart InstaView Door-in-Door that run a full version of Windows 10, some two years ago but in the end the company never shipped the fridge.

Visitors to CES 2018 can personally experience LGs smart kitchen solutions from January 9-12 in booth #11100 of Central Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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