The World Ends With You Is Getting A Nintendo Switch Release

Mindy Sparks
January 14, 2018

"Final Remix launches this year". Wave two (March 23) will add fighter Blastoise and support Pokémon Mew and Celebi. The game has yet to receive a release window, but Nintendo's love for the series is clearly visible as the company has confirmed the arrival of the first two games Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on Nintendo Switch.

New copy abilities and gameplay footage were shown for Kirby Star Allies, including Artist and Spider. You will also be able to combine powers together in creative ways. The Direct kicked off with a Nintendo Switch port of the 2007 Nintendo DS game, The World Ends with You. The demo can be downloaded from the eShop and played docked or portably.

Tropical Freeze will still be playable either single-player or via local co-op. Not only is he coming to Mario+Rabbids, his own outstanding Wii U game is also getting ported to the Switch.

Mario's trips to the soccer field, baseball diamond, or even Olympic Games have taken him out of his standard side-scrolling adventures and while his parties and go-karting games are definitely the fan favorites, there's a soft spot out there for the Mario Tennis series. The game will feature many characters, missions, boss battles and a story mode. Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Arms all helped bolster a launch that surprised everyone. One day you'll reel in the big catch.

Remember "Donkey Kong Country" on the Super Nintendo? The DLC will be available this Spring. These included new peripherals for the Nintendo Switch as well as various other knick-knacks based on popular Nintendo characters. The game will be released in Spring 2018.

For fans of fighting games, there is a little something here for you, too. Players will both hear and feel the song through the game as well as their Joy-Con's thanks to the utilization of the Joy-Con's HD rumble features. This one includes split Joycon play, but it also comes with a whole new character that seems to be an easy mode in and of himself.

Payday 2 will release in Europe and Australia on February 23rd, and in North America and South America on February 27th. Playing in Assist Mode lets players tweak the difficulty, from a slower pace to full-on invincibility.

Unannounced exclusives, including at least one big title for release in October or November, are more than likely. The Switch version of Dark Souls will be include the Artorias of the Abyss DLC and will have improved frame rate and resolution.

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