Trump extends Iran nuclear deal again

Lester Mason
January 14, 2018

Mr Trump also wants Iran's ballistic missile programme to be addressed."This is a last chance", the U.S. president said in a statement on Friday.

In a live broadcast by Iranian state television of a speech on January 14, Rohani said: "Trump, despite his repeated efforts, has failed to undermine the accord". He is also demanding a permanent end to Iran's enrichment of fissile material at a grade sufficient for weapons use.

The violent street protests that have spread throughout much of Iran in recent weeks seemed like effective pretext for Trump to reimpose sanctions, since he could argue that Iran's sclerotic regime was on its last legs, and that the USA had even less reason than normal to prop it up.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif by phone that implementation of the deal had not been "derailed" but would face "some new complicating factors", the state news agency Xinhua reported. Trump, however, specified it would be the last time he signs the waiver unless the deal is modified. The three European nations that are party to the deal, France, Germany and Britain, have said that they do not want to reopen the deal unless all parties are agreed. China and Russian Federation were also involved in the negotiations.

The US still maintains sanctions on Iran - independent of the nuclear deal - on matters such as terrorism, human rights and ballistic missile development.

Iran has said that a decision by the United States, to impose sanctions on the head of its judiciary "crossed a red line", and has vowed to retaliate.

They will also urge Iran to continue to comply with worldwide inspectors, the diplomats said.

Notably absent from the entities was Iran's Central Bank.

The JCPOA aimed to gradually lift economic and diplomatic sanctions on Tehran in exchange for Iran ending its nuclear program. Had he sanctioned the bank, there was speculation that Iran would view the deal as effectively abrogated. Trump, according to the report, will declare that unless measures are taken to address these "loopholes", he will pull the USA out of the deal on a specific predefined date.

The Islamic Republic's foreign ministry said in a statement that it would not "move beyond its commitments" to the existing agreement, to which Trump has extended the USA commitment for another 120 days, Iran's state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported on Saturday.

The White House is insisting Congress comes up with a solution that will allow grant wider inspection rights to global inspectors, and that the current deal - which will expire in 2025 - has no expiration date.

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