Trump suggests 'good relationship' with North Korea's Kim Jong Un

Lester Mason
January 14, 2018

Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump appear on a South Korean TV screen.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also stressed in the article the need to alleviate the serious military tensions between North Korea and South Korea, and prepare a peaceful environment on the peninsula. But it generally hasn't gotten far.

It comes during a state of heightened nuclear tension following heated rhetoric between the USA and North Korea as well as greater Russian military activity and a build-up of NATO forces in Eastern Europe. With that backdrop, Tuesday's talks were by design incremental and exploratory.

"It is a big problem, and they should not have left me with that problem". North Korea too uses similar reunification rhetoric, but many analysts believe it would only do so under the Kim regime and probably as a result of military conquest.

Some analysts suspect South Korea's enthusiasm for diplomacy now is in part to avoid embarrassment or incidents during the Winter Olympics, which they fear might otherwise be disrupted by North Korean terrorism or cyber attacks. Pence will stop in Alaska to review intercontinental ballistic missile defense systems and in Japan, stressing the USA commitment to stability in the region. The belief of Soviet leaders that Reagan might just be insane enough to push the nuclear button constrained Soviet behavior and helped make possible a peaceful end to the Cold War. When asked whether he had spoken with Kim, Trump said, "I don't want to comment on it".

It is unlikely that North Korea would undertake any provocation till the conclusion of the Winter Olympics next month. They are not only entirely rational but also strategically smart. On the proposal for the reunion of separated family members on the two sides of the border on the Lunar New Year next month, North Korea was non-committal. Peace on the Korean Peninsula and preserving a buffer between itself and a core USA ally remain paramount to the Chinese government, and we would be unwise to bet against China enforcing those interests. In previous remarks about the senior-level inter-Korean talks, Bach said the "joint proposals by the governments of the ROK and DPRK. have been applauded by so many other governments worldwide" and stressed that "now the International Olympic Committee must take the decisions to make this political commitment a reality".

"Either one of us have to give or we both have to give a little bit at the same time to get to the point where we're willing to have that conversation", Schoff continued. Tillerson reportedly said that inter-Korean dialogue was "very encouraging" and called for close deliberation with South Korea and the US.

9- Anticipation is high as the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is expected to be a diplomatic breakthrough for the two Koreas. "Perhaps that is good news, perhaps not we will see".

The WSJ said Trump praised China's support for global efforts to put more pressure on the North to give up its nuclear weapons program but called for more cooperation, saying "they can do much more". "Is this the beginning of something?" "While the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) will be the presiding agency, [the matters] are being examined closely with the Ministry of Unification and other related agencies", the official said. "I think you people are surprised", Trump said, bragging about his relationship with Kim.

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