United States hails China's reduction of trade with N. Korea

Lester Mason
January 14, 2018

Amid the unprecedented escalation of the tensions on the Korean Peninsula since summer, Russian Federation and China proposed the so-called double freeze plan: with North Korea, on one hand, halting its nuclear and missile programs, while its neighbors, on the other hand, would refrain from holding joint drills with the United States in the region. It isn't clear if China was formally invited to the meeting.

The countries invited to send representatives to Vancouver are the so-called "Sending Powers", those that contributed troops or aid to the United Nations war effort in 1950s Korea. Still, the Canadian Press had reported at the end of November that "Freeland said her Chinese counterpart would be among the invitees". It continued: "The current situation in the Korean Peninsula is very complicated and sensitive". Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang has said the event will not be helpful in reducing tensions on the Korean peninsula because key regional powers won't be there. "The main channels for handling and resolving the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue should still be the framework of six party talks and the UN Security Council".

China has "closed some sanctions gaps", Brian Hook, director of policy planning for U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, told reporters in Washington on Thursday.

"China is working with us". This ministerial will enhance and strengthen all of the efforts under way.

Japan's government has also raised questions about the conference, including why Colombia and Greece were invited when they have no real role these days in the region.

North Korea recently reinitiated contact with South Korea by agreeing to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics, which will be held east of Seoul in February.

"The meeting will bring together nations from across the globe to demonstrate worldwide solidarity against 's unsafe and illegal nuclear and ballistic missile programs", the department said in a statement Thursday.

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