'We need the wall' Trump says immigration deal must include border funding

Doris Richards
January 15, 2018

The letter continues, "The imminent termination of the DACA program is creating an impending crisis for workforces across the country". During the conversation Trump also questioned why the U.S would want to accept people from countries like Haiti and said the US should want more people from countries like Norway, the aides said. Their future is the subject of a lot of debate in Washington, as NPR's Joel Rose reports.

U.S. District Judge William Alsup issued a ruling late Tuesday saying that until legal challenges to the administration's plan are resolved, the government must "maintain the DACA program on a nationwide basis on the same terms and conditions" as those that were in place before the administration moved on September 5 to end DACA.

XAVIER BECERRA: You can fight city hall or the Oval Office.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the University of California and San Jose filed suit with attorney generals for Main, Maryland and Minnesota.

There are about 780,000 DACA recipients, known as "Dreamers", living in the U.S. The judge also said the lawyers have a strong chance of succeeding at trial.

Judge Alsup's order does not require the government to accept new DACA applications. Adrian Reyna says a permanent fix is needed.

For now, de la Rosa said, the holding pattern continues as DACA recipients wait and see what will happen. "How do you make plans if you don't know if you will be wanted here next week, next month, next year". The clock is ticking. The decision does not allow new applicants for the program, but allows DACA recipients to renew their permits. The order is only a temporary injunction. Those immigrants will be able to apply for renewal while the California court reviews the merits of the underlying case.

Cueva was one of the Dreamers in D.C. pushing lawmakers to pass a DACA bill by January 19th. Democrats conversely have said they are open to funding for border security but are adamantly opposed to a wall.

At the same time, Congress is negotiating DACA policy, among other immigration issues.

Federal court rulings have snagged Trump administration immigration policies before, but haven't always stuck. But this legal battle is not the only thing that could complicate delicate negotiations on the Hill.

"We don't need a 2,000-mile wall", he said.

What we heard in the White House meeting was the opportunity to protect young immigrants as part of package that addresses border security so that future generations of young immigrants are not brought into the USA without documentation.

Trump met with lawmakers from both parties on Tuesday and told them he wants to couple protections for Dreamers with border security ― including his signature wall ― along with an end to the diversity lottery and limiting family-based visas, which he refers to as "chain migration". Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg visited the White House Wednesday.

ANN COULTER: This is a disaster. Democrats have argued against a deal with too many components, and say it would be better to combine DACA only with border security measures.

COULTER:.And deport these DREAMers who are the worst of the illegals.

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