Bungie Promises Fix For Throttled Destiny 2 Rally Tokens

Doris Richards
January 18, 2018

Following a day of confusion, Bungie has confirmed exactly what's available during the current event, and it turns out that a number of new weapons won't actually arrive until subsequent Season 2 Faction Rallies.

A common tactic employed by the more committed Destiny 2 Faction Rally enthusiasts, was to repeatedly enter and exit a Lost Sector, quickly opening chests and earning loot. However, Bungie has managed to once again upset its fanbase by radically altering how Rally Tokens are earned without being transparent about it.

"In the first Faction Rally of Season 2 (this week), there is a new Auto Rifle available as the Winner's Offering", the forum post explained. In other words, none of them are available right now by cashing in Faction Tokens, as players assumed they would be.

The first activity that made player suspicious was Lost Sectors, after players saw that they were no longer getting faction tokens from the chests at the end of each sector. Rather than fix the exploit, they simply capped earn rates for all players.

The community obviously didn't take it well, especially as it's yet another Bungie decision that follows the same mantra.

There is also a problem with Rally tokens as Bungie introduced a throttle to stop people farming them as they had in the previous Rally. Discovered in the Winding Cove in the EDZ, the exploit allowed players to earn hundreds of tokens per hour. Now, in a further bid to show Guardians it's taking their suggestions seriously, the developer has chose to update the science fiction shooter with its latest Hotfix, which allows fans who don't own the Curse of Osiris DLC the chance to earn rewards from Faction Rallies and the Iron Banner in Season 2.

When the Faction Rally went live yesterday, players began to report a lack of new gear from Faction Engrams.

The patchnote concerning this change has been updated to correctly state that all Lost Sector chests are subject to this throttle. "This does not prevent players from completing milestones related to Lost Sector chests". Game director Christopher Barrett agrees that the limit is too harsh, promising to change it in the next patch.

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