Slack announces major update for its Shared Channels feature

Doris Richards
January 18, 2018

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First, some context: Shared Channels on Slack lets one team invite another team or company to work together, to collaborate on projects, etc.

Private shared channels are basically an expansion of shared channels, except they are...private.

Slack is rolling out an update to its shared channels feature that aims to make it more useful for businesses dealing with confidential or classified content.

Slack also unveiled a new Enterprise Grid feature for public channels.

Today, Slack is introducing private shared channels, and as the name suggests, the new functionality lets users keep certain conversations out of public view. These shared channels can be set as private in one workspace for one team, and as public for the other, or as private for both which is pretty clever. So for example a merger discussion could be hidden and private for both companies, or a channel with a startup's law firm could be open to all of the startup's employees but private for just a few people in the law firm. "On the other hand, a channel in which a company and its PR agency are discussing an upcoming launch may be kept public for the company but private for the agency's workspace to limit the news to the account team involved".

Back in September past year, Slack announced a new brand new feature called Shared Channels which connects two separate organizations, creating a common channel for both sides to make use of Slack's features and platform integrations when working together.

To manage and consolidate shared channels, administrators can go to a new Administration section in their workspace menu, and click on "Manage shared channels".

Slack has garnered a lot of traction in the enterprise with more than 9 million weekly active users, more than 6 million daily active users and an worldwide customer base that's 55 percent of the total.

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