Twitch to Stream Content from Disney Digital Stars Under New Pact

Angelo Anderson
January 18, 2018

Twitch announced today that four top gaming personalities will producive exclusive content for the streaming platform as part of a multi-year deal with Disney's Digital Network. It's tapped four Disney-managed creators who have pulled in millions of subscribers on YouTube: Seán William "Jacksepticeye" McLoughlin, Mark Edward "Markiplier" Fischbach, Meghan "Strawburry17" Camarena, and LuzuGames. Some of these Disney Digital Network creators already have existing Twitch channels, but most of the new and exclusive content will debut beginning today. This new tool designs Twitch broadcasts around prerecorded videos, enabling streamers to essentially hold viewing parties for their followers.

The Video Producer suite will be available for all creators on Twitch, and it features two key tools: Premieres and Reruns. Premieres allow casters to create specific landing pages with countdown clocks. It had to, if it wants to entice more creators to join and help grow its offerings. The tools will also give them a way to easily schedule re-runs, where viewers can still chat with each other like they can on lives instead of being stuck with watching conversations from the initial showing.

You may know Twitch as the place to go and watch video games being played. Streamers with big global audiences, for example, could set this up to make for a more interactive, post-stream watch.

"We wanted to make the broadcasting of pre-recorded content more meaningful and exciting by giving creators more control and opportunities to amplify awareness of their videos", added Bob Bahramipour, Product Leader, Video on Demand, Twitch.

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