Amazon Has Shortlisted 20 Cities to be the Second Headquarters (HQ2)

Doris Richards
January 19, 2018

The list is made up of 20 locations including major hubs like NY and Chicago, along with surprising locations like Columbus, Montgomery County, and Maryland. "Our work's ahead of us".

Tech giant Amazon announced Thursday Austin made the "short list" of the top 20 potential cities to house the company's second headquarters (HQ2).

Amazon's announcement in September that it was looking for a location for a second headquarters set off a flurry of activity among cities and communities nationwide. He says Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles comprise a second tier of competition.

Amazon listened to the pitches of cities.

Booker, who was mayor for seven years before winning election to the U.S. Senate, said Amazon play a role in the continued transformation of the city. "It really reflects winner-take-all urbanism". Miami did make the cut as well, though the southern Florida city generally isn't seen as a direct competitor of Atlanta for corporate relocations. San Diego also failed to advance.

Holly Sullivan, an official with Amazon Public Policy, said in a statement that information collected through HQ2 proposals could be used to identify areas for other Amazon projects.

Amazon cut its list down from more than 238 cities.

Bowman added he is "optimistic Amazon and other companies took note, and will keep Winnipeg in mind for future opportunities". Other finalists include tech hubs like Austin, Texas; Denver, Colorado; and NY, as well as less tech-focused cities like Columbus, Ohio; Nashville, Tennessee; and Miami.

"It's a long list, for a shortlist", said Jed Kolko, chief economist at job site Indeed. Here is the list of the final 20 locations. "If Amazon is serious about making Philadelphia its new home, we can afford to make a few demands of our own to ensure that the resulting benefits are shared by all citizens", he wrote.

Deb Wainscott, Lapel Town Council member, said she thinks the small bedroom community could make a good sell to families moving to the area. In contrast, NY lit several landmark buildings in "Amazon orange". Birmingham, Alabama erected three large replicas of Amazon delivery boxes.

Jon Barela, CEO of the Borderplex Alliance; Davin Lopez, CEO of the Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance; and Jerry Pacheco, president of the Border Industrial Association, said their respective Amazon proposals brought global attention to this region that could help in recruiting companies to the area in the future.

Its first appearance came late a year ago when Google's sister company, Sidewalk Labs, was chosen by Toronto to build a futuristic waterfront community, Quayside, "from the internet up".

Boston's offer includes $75 million for affordable housing for Amazon employees and others. Before he left office Tuesday, Republican Gov. Chris Christie approved a measure to allow New Jersey to offer up to $5 billion to Amazon.

But numerous state and local governments competing for the headquarters have refused to disclose the financial incentives they offered.

Amazon says it will now work closely with each of the 20 finalists listed below to determine which city is the ideal host for its second headquarters, construction on which is slated to begin in 2019.

The state is offering a $7 billion incentive plan, with $2 billion of that in city-specific tax waivers and abatements. "We have quality of life", he said.

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